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MG SOFAS is a company which has been present in the furniture market for over 30 years.
We are a young and dynamic company trying to be up-to-date with our products, quality, design and price. In this line, we offer new and renewed models, with details which will make you feel comfortable for a long time.

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Our aim has always been to give comfort to people, joining design and quality. We rely on the development of technology, an efficient and flexible organization, as well as an excellent staff, conscious of MG SOFAS' values and highly motivated, what contributes to the achievement of the company´s aims, satisfying at the same time their personal goals.

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Our aim: offering our clients products that satisfy their needs and their best customers´ ones.  More than 400 customers guarantee that our company provides en excellent service and quality with the best prices.

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Ctra. General Km, 17 · Santianes
33518 · Sariego Mayor
Principado de Asturias