MG sofás with certified quality

Quality is synonymous with durability

Production process

We consider ourselves a young and dynamic company, which offers the best quality and design standards and price.

Our aim has always been to give comfort and wellbeing, together with new ideas and quality commitment. For this reason, we have a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001 and a policy of continuous improvement which allow us to be a little better every day.

These are the bases of our quality:

  • Quick response and strict fulfillment of delivery deadlines.
  • Competent partner, the result of an efficient and flexible organization.
  • An efficient service, fulfilling the requirements of our customers as well as the legal requirements applicable to our business.
  • Highly motivated staff thanks to excellent working conditions and atmosphere.
  • Intensive development of new technologies.
  • We move forward to meet customers needs and expectations, after analyzing their satisfaction thoroughly.

MG SOFÁS quality is applied at all levels of the organization and is submitted to anual reviews stablished by the management.

The documents and procedures emanated from our Quality System are mandatory.

Quality Certificate

The Standard ISO 9001:20015 is the base of our quality management system.

It is a set of standards on quality management that focuses on all the elements our company needs in order to have an effective system that allows us to manage and improve the quality of our products and services.